Dialog – the Institute for intercultural meetings


Dialog - the Institute for intercultural meetings in Israel conducts short-term seminars. Seminars are one day up to two or three days long. The seminar topics are: 
* Israeli  identity
* The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
* Religions in Israel
* Jewish streams: ultra-orthodox, orthodox, liberal, seculare
* Israel's economy
* Holocaust remembrance - education - lessons, -conciousness
* Encounter with Holocaust witnesses 
* Israeli art, music, paintings 
* Coexistence
* High-Tech
* Israel's education system
* Israel's social system
* Democracy
* Tolerance
* Israel's cultures - Jewish, Arabic, Christian, Islamic, Seculare, European, Oriental, African, Asiatic
All the programs are adapted to the wishes and interests of the involved partners and organizations and focus on meetings with history witnesses and experts on the specific topics.