Dialog – the Institute for intercultural meetings


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What include social-political seminars?

Lectures, discussions, meetings about society, politics, education, economics, coexistence, Holocaust consciousness, migration, religions, youth work, education, social work, excursions to historical, cultural sites and landscapes. Logistic services include organization of overnights, meals, guidance and bus services.

What kind of services the Dialog-Institute provid

Content and logistic planning and conducting of specific socio-political and educational seminars and excursions. The programs are adapted to the interests and wishes of the participating delegations. Exchange projects are planed and executed in cooperation and with consent on forehand of the involved Israeli and foreign partners.

Does the Dialog-Institute have a representative o

The Dialog-Institute does not have any representative or representing institution abroad.

How does the Dialog-Institute finance itself?

The Dialog-Institute finances itself through the services it provides in the context of its seminars and excursions.

Who supports or finances the Dialog-Institute?

The Dialog-Institute does not receive any financial support neither from a political party, association nor from any state institution or government.

Is the Dialog-Institute a travel agency?

The Dialog-Institute is an independent pedagogic institute.